Tuesday, May 20, 2003

included is a notepad (which i later decided was to take some notes on the content) but wasnt mentoned in the introduction which would have been useful because when i got to the assessments, i realised i had forgotten what was said in the first topics
passive learning, no deep learning (may say its a 4hr course, but have to go back and re-read to grasp a better understanding)

not a self directed learner
e-learning issues in organisations

individual dvlp
consistency of delivery
saving money
time spent
resistance: learner & org

* trainer support/mentor
* do evaluations of the course
* give learners a choice of the type of course they want to do
1) I was expecting the course to be fun and interactive. To be taught (immediately) how to enhance photos/images.

2) My expectations haven't changed although i'm still waiting to enhance photos and images. I'm also waiting for the course to end because i'm getting quite bored doing so much reading rather than going straight into digital enhancing.

3) I've learnt a lot about the basic and main functions (of tools and icons) that are needed to begin enhancing photos and images. Although much of the content is forgotten not long after i've read it, i've picked up the basic of idea how to use tools and functions in the menu and tool bars.

e-learning is unreliable. In the case of my Photoshop course, online learning is not much different to classroom learning. The content is presented to you and what you learn is what you have to apply to the course (in assessments). Its not as interactive or fun as i initially thought it would be. I like that there is sound, but i find that most of the time i'm not listening to what is being said/taught. i have to re-read it (i learn better reading things through myself anyway. it's easier and i think that more of the content is able to sink in).

I did expect that after i completed the course, i would undderstand and know how to enchance and modify etc. photos and images (immediately)

4) * I would reccommend that assessments are conducted after each topic.
* Icons that are being disussed are highlighted more clearly (preferebly in a brighter, more distinct colour so it stands out)
* A practice of the use of each key discussed is allowed

Although these recommendations would add more learning time to the course, it would be more effective (from a learners point of view)
Class questions:

1) What were your expectations?
2) What are they now?
3) What did you learn?
- content
- e-learning
4) What would you recommend?
the course is geting quite boring. there is so much to read and its so hard trying to remember the content when it comes to the pre-assessments and post assessements which come after i've gone through all the topics. i think that after each topic is finished, they should assess my knowledge then rather than leaving it to the end. there is so much content, few practicals/simuations while they teach the content (which would make it easier to rememeber which icons are what and their uses at the time).

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

So far with my course, i've been reading the content on how to use certain functions and features of the program. Much of it is common sense and most of the functions are similar to that of Microsoft word (such as the SAVE and SAVE AS functions etc). So its pretty basic stuff at the moment. i hope to be doing some assessments later on. I've also got the sound function for my course which i realy like because i dont have to do any reading. But i sometimes don't pay attention and have to re-read it or re-play it myself. I think i learn better by reading things myself anyhow. That way the content actually sinks in.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

i was trying to download the course at uni in class yesterday but, something about a firewall on those comps doesnt alow students to download things onto the computers. so i've just tried to DL it at home but there might be a problem with the website (timeout?) because it wont come up. i'll ask for advice before i jump to the conclusion that i'm a toal computer ditz and there is a technology conspiracy against me.
back with another assignment. i'm going to do a course about Photoshop 7 Fundamentals (at www.mivu.org). I want to learn how to do all those fancy enhancement things with photos from a digital camera. Also, a friend of mine speaks highly of Photoshop. she's quite artistic and i've seen the photos she's enhanced and they are quite impressive. So i think this will be a skill i learn and can apply.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

j le what are u doinnnnn??

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

oi j lee
these are the new sites i've subscribed to:





Tuesday, April 01, 2003

alrighty, i figured it out. no need to worry. but i think technology should be more user friendly!!!
okay, this is why i hate technology. i've posted more messages than this and they have now suddenly disappeared. Debbie suggested that it was because i didn't press 'Post & Publish' rather i only pressed the 'Post' icon, but i didnt. so i dont understand why. i dont like technology very much. and i dont think my views will change much
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Hoiii jud thankssss for your info
hey jud,thanks for your invitation

Monday, March 31, 2003

hello ppls thank you judy for inviting me to your log... i hope that we can develop a great partnership to help each other out within all aspects of this subject. ehehe man im soo funni ehehehh anyways i guess i should go and research some information for my business assignment, do you know what we are doing? well i think that we should ask the group to go to the library to look up some information so that can get or persentation going do you know which assignment im talking about the business one well i guess thats all i have to say ok cya ......
So far i've subscibed to Builder.com and emedialive.com (which are both e-newsletters) and tech-sol.net and elearningmag.org (which are e-zines). For both, i've received emails welcoming me and requesting that i reply to their emails to let them know i am still interested in subscribing. I am yet to receive my first newletters from all the sites. I basically asked them to email me information regarding various technologies and any advancements that have occured. These technologies included DVD, video cameras, television...basically technology that i thought would be useful to e-learning